UNC Ropes Course

The zip lining tower

I’m the kid with half and half shirt

Me zip lining

Once again I’m the kid in the grey shorts and white shirt an blue helmet

People waiting to zipline

I’m the kid in the white shirt

At the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year Durham Academy went to UNC Ropes Course where we did a zip line, group games, and ate. That day it felt weird to go to school with only a water bottle and snack/lunch.

My group played walking tag first. My best friend Mica  and I teamed up. She tagged me but I couldn’t get her. My shoes got soaked. Next, we played some activity games like balance the boat where we tried to balance an oversized seesaw. We then took a break before lunch then had lunch. Lunch felt like the longest lunch of my life but I got to talk to some of my best friends like Zoe, Mica,and Elena. After lunch I got to go on the zipline. The zipline was very high up which is scary since i’m scared of heights. I thought about forfeiting but I didn’t and I’m so happy I did it. It was the best feeling ever.

I want to thank my school for all the amazing things they let us do. My school gives me opportunities to do new things and find what I like. I also want to thank Mica because she convinced me to go on the zipline. I love these new opportunities I have been able to do.

Wisdom Tale Projects

My Language Arts class is reading a book called Wisdom Tales. For the past week or so people in my class have been practicing or making their wisdom tales project. My friend Emily and I teamed up to do a story named The Little Lizard’s Sorrow which is basically about this gambler who made a game and he lost the game to a beggar and turned into a lizard. Emily  and I did acting. Emily was the beggar and I was the lizard/gambler. For these photos, I am the kid in the big white and grey sweater and Emily is the kid in the pink pants.

Camp Hanes Trip

Camp Hanes 

September 29th the 6th graders at DA came to school at the normal time but with a bunch of luggage. The 6th graders waited like 15-20 minutes for the buses, getting in the buses was chaotic but after we all settled down in two different buses we started our two hour long drive to Camp Hanes. When the 6th graders arrived at Camp Hanes, they brought all our stuff to the gym and then played for corners and other fun activities. We got all our stuff and walked to our cabins and settled down. After we settled down we went outside and played soccer, volleyball, or other activities for fun.

My favorite activity at camp Hanes was probably the bus ride and the walk because on the bus ride there we got to have candy and talk and I sat next to Mica which was fun. I liked the hike because it was difficult but the view was really pretty and I like walking up the steep bit with the rope. At night we had a campfire which was really fun and we got s’mores and the workers performed skits. At the campfire it was a bit chaotic but that didn’t stop it from being fun. On the bus ride home me and my friend Mica took a nap and then we watched ratatouille which was an awesome movie.

I’m proud that I could actually sleep that night because the bed was not comfortable and there were a lot of people snoring which made it hard to fall asleep but once I did I slept for a long time and was able to wake up and get ready. The hardest part about the trip was probably packing and moving our luggage because my luggage was very heavy. In the end camp Hanes was really fun and I got to know more people better

Lilah’s Backpack

This summer I read Finding Someplace. It’s a book about a girl named Reesie, who’s turning 13, but on her birthday Hurricane Katrina hits. She packed her bag with her phone, important documents, and a photo of her parents. Before she left she went to Ms. M’s to get her birthday cake. She then helped with Ms. M’s garden. What would you pack?

Because of this book, I’m going to draw what I would pack. 

If I were in this situation I would pack my phone and a portable charger so that I can stay distracted or have a flashlight. A couple outfits so that I can stay comfortable. And keep my favorite clothes. My special blanket because it is very sentimental. Money just in case I need some money to get help. A pillow so that I can sleep. Medical kit and an emergency kit in case I get hurt or there’s an emergency. Water to stay alive and hydrate…(Maybe) games and skincare/makeup because if I survive this is some stuff I would. I want to keep it. Snacks to stay alive. A journal and my pencil case to keep myself entertained. And last but definitely not least my cats because I love my cuddly adorable cute amazing cats. All of these things are either necessary for my survival or they are very sentimental.